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Don’t Hesitate to Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney

If you or someone you love has been the victim of domestic violence, you may be looking for a Seattle domestic violence attorney to represent you. Unfortunately, victims of domestic violence all over the country do not know where to turn for help, especially in a small town. The legal ramifications of domestic violence can often be devastating to victims, their children, and their communities. The legal consequences depend on whether the perpetrator is charged with a misdemeanor or felony. There are various classifications of misdemeanors and both felonies, so you’ll want to discuss your specific case with your Seattle domestic violence attorney early on during your first free consultation.


If convicted of a misdemeanor, a Seattle domestic violence attorney may be able to reduce your sentence to community service or probation, or both. The primary consequence is that you will lose your driver’s license, but many states have defenses to this type of punishment. A conviction of a felony, such as second or third degree, carries a sentence of one year to two years in jail and a hefty fine, along with consequences such as incarceration. Hiring an attorney who knows the laws and court procedures in Washington state law may keep you out of jail and reduce the penalties or even eliminate them altogether.


When interviewing potential domestic violence lawyers and others, ask about their track record of winning cases for their clients. Ask how many cases they have won and what type of victory in those cases were. Experience is critical, especially in a city like Seattle where the legal system is particularly backlogged and complicated. Attorneys are supposed to work for free, but in reality many spend thousands of dollars on retainer and then defend their client for low prices, often making a profit on the initial consultation. This can become a vicious cycle for the client, who ends up footing the bill for the attorney’s services but cannot get the same results in court.


If you have been accused of a crime in Seattle, no matter whether you face first, third, or fourth-degree domestic violence in the state, you should definitely consult a Seattle domestic violence lawyer. Many states have special sections of their criminal code that address charges involving abuse or assault, including a variety of misdemeanor crimes. These include arson, assault and battery, endangerment, false imprisonment, theft, criminal mischief, and more. In Washington, just as in most other states, an accusation of any of these offenses automatically triggers a hearing to determine whether the charges are valid.


If you are facing a charge, regardless if it involves a misdemeanor or felony, and you would rather not go to trial, there are many qualified and experienced defense attorneys in Seattle who can help you through the process. If you are facing a felony, especially if you’ve already been convicted of such a crime, your Seattle domestic violence attorney may be able to work out a plea bargain. The key is finding a good, experienced defense attorney who has experience with the type of case you are charged with. Defense attorneys who have experience with cases like yours will know all the state and federal laws regarding your specific situation and how they will apply to your situation. It is important that you work with a competent attorney who can aggressively pursue your cause, no matter what the charge.


A Seattle domestic violence attorney can help you get the best possible outcome in your situation, no matter what your circumstances are. If you’ve been charged with a sexual assault, or misdemeanor, it’s important to contact a skilled, committed and respected defense attorney today. A reputable Seattle sexual assault attorney can put you on the path to recovery from your devastating experience.