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Domestic Violence Attorney – Understanding The Process of Domestic Violence Laws

Before you begin hiring a lawyer, you should understand the process of domestic violence laws. You may be charged with a crime, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. Several resources can help you find a qualified attorney. Check out Women’s Law for free and low-cost legal services. The American Bar Association provides resources for attorneys, including a directory of domestic violence attorneys. Also, search for attorneys using Justia. Refine your search by city, experience, and type of charges. You can also read reviews of attorneys, including their communication with clients.

Depending on the level of abuse, the case can involve multiple types of victims. The State of Florida has a special statute for domestic violence, which deals with violent acts between family members, partners, or people who have children together. Because these cases are highly emotional and personal, it is crucial to find a tough and experienced domestic violence attorney in WPB, FL. Even if you were wrongly accused, the State of Florida may prosecute you for domestic violence.

When an attorney files a domestic violence case, he or she will be able to get the charges dropped before they reach court. This is because many victims are coerced into dropping the charges, a common result of a domestic violence incident. Without a lawyer’s help, the State of Florida is more likely to drop the charges. The State of Florida often drops these charges when the alleged victim refuses to cooperate with law enforcement.

If you have suffered domestic violence, you will likely need to hire a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. The abuser may be subject to restraining orders or no-contact orders. An experienced attorney can petition the court to have these orders removed. If the restraining order is issued, the abuser will not be allowed to contact or communicate with the victim. The attorney can help you with the entire process, from filing an initial complaint to defending a restraining order.

Obtaining a domestic violence charge can change the way your community views you. You may be branded a monster in your community and unable to get a job, or your family can be torn apart. In addition to getting a restraining order, the accused may face a year in prison. In addition to this, there can be many other consequences of a domestic violence conviction, including the loss of the right to carry firearms.